Richard Willmer

I am a pianist and one time recorder player and I have some experience with the violin.

I began composing even before I knew anything about composition and actually made a real composer smile at my efforts. None of these early works survive.

As time went on and I changed from the contralto recorder to the piano, and began studying harmony and counterpoint, I took up composition in a more serious manner. I wrote several original works for the piano, as well as some arrangements of folk and popular songs. these survived and will be published shortly.

I gave up composition because at the time, the early 90s, it seemed to me there was no place for my style of music. It was only two or three years ago that I began listening to contemporary music that is actually pleasant to hear. That was the moment I said to myself, "but I was writing music like that!"

My daughter's learning of the violin at a prestigious music school also helped. I began again to compose, arranging and composing music that she and I could play together. The first fruit of this new phase was the sonata for violin and piano in D major, which has now been published.

Having recently learnt how to use computer programmes to "engrave" music, I have revised most of my oeuvre and have written new pieces, some educational, for violin and piano, and other works of greater complexity.

I hope you enjoy my site.





28 Jun 2022
I received an important endorsement from Jeremy Barlow, a recorder player, flautist, harpsichordist and conductor, member of the Broadside band and a musical critic to boot: Many thanks for the samples of your music; all attractive, with a melancholy quality and also at times a quasi-extemporised feel that takes the melodic line in unexpected directions. The Biber [Passacaglia in g minor] arrangement is extremely effective. ...
05 Okt 2020
Franz Ignaz Franz von Biber - Passacaglia in g minor, C.105 - Sonata XVI from the Rosary Sonatas
A magnificent rendition by the Roman harpsichordist Fernando de Luca of my transcription of Heinrich Ignaz Franz Von Biber's Rosary Sonata No XVI in g minor, apocryphally known as "The Guardian Angel", for violin solo, without bass.The sonata consists of a single movement, a Passacaglia, I did add some notes myself to compensate for the different sororities and possibilities of the harpsichord.An immense thank you to Fernando for breathing life into my simple work. The sheet music is available here: ...
30 Jun 2020
YouTube Video
Yesterday I uploaded a video with the second of my Three Pieces for Flute and Harp op 26. I hope you enjoy it! If you liked it, you can find the sheet music here: